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M&Holmes Comfort Program

Dear Valued Customer,

It is always our goal at M&Holmes Plumbing HVAC & Electrical to build as a company and make ourselves better to serve you better. In doing so, we offer different ways to cater towards your needs so that the options always stay in your favor. With the addition of our Comfort Program, our customer priority becomes 24/7.

With the addition of the Comfort Program, our A-list customers can now use their options around the clock. Any customers who are not enrolled in the 5% program can do so for free with signing up for the Comfort Program establishing you as an A-list customer. A-List customer benefits include:

  • 12 Months of 24/hr same rates service. ($100/hr)

  • A-list Response time: ( We come to you first before non-members anytime, any day)

  • Any Parts

  • We perform a yearly checkup on: attics, crawl spaces, flappers, fill valves, water heaters, screens flush, re-caulk, and a video inspection ($50 extra). We give you a yearly balance for work whatever the amount. Also if necessary we let the customer know if more is recommended.


This plan offers 2 payment methods:

*12 Months/ 12 Payments of $20 per month.


*An annual payment of $200 ($16.66 per month)


For any questions or to become a member call T.J or Marj today!


Warm Regards,

M&Holmes Plumbing HVAC & Electrical

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